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Eyebrow piercing
Lower Lip Piercing
Anatometal Bling Eyelets
Eyebrow Piercing
with 16g Curve 5/16"
Helix Ear Cartilage Piercing
Helix (ear cartilage)
Ear Cartilage (Helix)
This website was
designed to be informative
and viewable for all ages.

Mystical Body has
performed genital
piercings for over 20 years,
however, we will not post
any pictures of genital
piercings or female nipple
piercings on our website,
out of respect for you, the
general public.

If you are over the age of
18, and are serious about
obtaining information on
genital piercings, please
come to Mystical Body for a
free consultation.
Gauges!!! Stretched Earlobe 1-9/16
"Smiley" Piercing (upper lip frenulum)
Double Cheek Piercings
Nostril Piercing
Stretched Earlobes
1 9/16"
Tragus and stretched earlobe 5/8
Conch piercing with Transverse Earlobe piercing
Tragus Piercing
with 12g CBR 5/16"

5/8" Stretched Earlobe
Transverse Earlobe Piercing
with 14g Evolution Ring
Transverse Earlobe and stretched Conch with 2 gauge barbell
Rob Cosgrove with Madison piercings
Custom Conch Barbell by Mystical Body
Horizontal Nipple Piercing
with 10g CBB 1/2"

Vertical Nipple Piercing
with 14g BB 1/2"
Conch piercing
stretched to 2g
(custom BB by Mystical Body)
3 Madison Piercings (neck)

Center Madison
with 14g double gem curve 5/16"

2 Outer Madisons
with 14g Tygon BB 1"
Pyrex Plugs for stretched earlobes (gauges)
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Septum (middle of nose)
Medusa (center of upper lip)
Labret (center of lower lip)
Industrial, Daith, Conch, Forward Helix piercings
Rook, Snug, stretched Tragus, lower Conch piercings
Septum, Medusa, Labret piercings
Flower Gem Nostrilscrew
Mercedes navel piercing
3 Micro-dermals to accent Flower Tattoo (Dermals)
3 Microdermals to accent Flower Tattoo
(tattoo done elsewhere...we only do
Microdermals on side (Dermals)
Nostril Piercing
with Flower Gem Nostril Screw
Jacob earlobe piercings
Are you under 18
and want to get
for requirements
Industrial (across the top of ear cartilage)
Forward Helix (front of ear cartilage)
Daith (piercing with Heart Ring)
Conch (through the back of ear cartilage)
Click on picture for detailed image
Rook (upper "ledge" inside ear cartilage)
Snug (rounded ridge of cartilage)
Tragus (flap of cartilage over ear canal)
Business Hours
12-8pm Tuesday-Saturday

Sundays, Mondays,
and all major holidays
3 Dermals on Abdominal Obliques
Dermals on chest with 4mm Blue Opals
Dermals on chest with 4mm Blue opals